Monday, September 27, 2010

Serendipity: Stenoglottis longifolium

I was recently on a mission to find some local terrestrial species and/or seeds of these for a colleague in Germany with whom I am doing a seed swop. I had been promised some Phalaenopsis taenialis, P. cornu-cervi, P. lindenii, P. celebensis, P. aphrodite, P. violacea (forma Mentawai), P. gigantea and P. heiroglyphica. Finding local species' seeds is not easy! I drove down to Somerset West and visited the Helderberg Nature Reserve's indigenous plant nursery and found two small Stenoglottis longifolium plants, one of which still had an old flowering stem attached with two seed pods. I removed the stem and the two pods for my colleague and I have included an image of one of the plant below.

Stenoglottis longifolium

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