Sunday, December 12, 2010

More greenery

With this year drawing to a rapid close it is only fitting that I add some more images of some more germinating seeds and protocorms. Things in the incubator are getting rather crowded now and I will have to build a new unit in the New Year to accommodate all the re-plates! Some of the existing protocorms are developing well and I now have protocorms of Disa uniflora, D. atricapilla, D. thodei, D. harveiana, Ansellia africana, Eulophia speciosa, E. angolensisAcrolophia capensis, Polystachya ottoniana, Dendrobium kingianum X speciosum, Dendrobium delicatum X speciosum and Stenoglottis fimbriata. The Dendrobium hybrids are from a friend's seeds that I sowed for him from green pods recently. These will need to be transflasked soon since they are a bit overcrowded.

In addition, the Phalaenopsis hybrid seeds are swelling nicely and there is no contamination. I have also since sown some more terrestrials but on a 1/2 strength MS medium supplemented with 10% coconut water (extremely hard to find in South Africa!), vits, carbon, glycine and insitol. I am interested to see how protocorm development differs from that of the same species sown on BM-1. Although I got good germination with BM-1 I am a little concerned about the lack of Nitrogen source as compared with that of MS. I hope to compare notes here and will keep you posted.

Ok, here are some images.

Ansellia africana
Dendrobium hybrid
Dendrobium hybrid
Dendrobium hybrid
Polystachya ottoniana

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