Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eulophia speciosa

My first atempt at sowing Eulophia speciosa seems to be paying off. The seeds were sown on 6 November lasy year on BM-1 with 2g carbon and added sucrose. The flasks are doing quite well but admittedly the protocorm development is slow although I have come accross a number of papers that indicate the same thing with other species. My faith in BM-1 is increasing too. This medium seems to be particularly useful for most of the terrestrials I have sown, even some of the more difficult Summer rainfall Disa species. 

Eulophia speciosa is not the most beautiful of orchids as orchids go, although this is just my opinion. However, I am curious to see how far I can develop the protocorms. I hope to develop them to seedlings and pot them up eventually and hopefully I will have an excess to trade with. I have included two progressive images from the same flask of protocorms taken a month apart so as to visualise their growth below.

Eulophia speciosa 27 December 2010

Eulophia speciosa 29 January 2011
My other Eulophia species are also progressing slowly. Seeds from E. clavicornis, E. welwistchii and E. angolensis all germinated although E. welwitschii took over 2 months to germinate!

Eulophia clavicornis 29 January 2011

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