Monday, February 28, 2011

Clone progress

Hi everyone. I have moved the Phalaenopsis aphrodite (amabilis) clone ex-vitro to its own little pot. I could barely get it out of the flask it had grown so large! I have attached a string of images below to show its progress from a little green blob to a healthy young clone in 4 months.
About 1 month old (28 November 2010)
2 months old (27 December 2010)
4 Months old (27 Feb 2011)

The other clones are also doing very well with more on the way. The others include P. 'Brighton belle', a large white Phalaenopsis and a no ID hybrid with psychedelic patterning of the flowers (see pics). I should have an excess of these clones later this year so if anyone is interested in a swop or to purchase, let me know.

Phalaenopsis no ID psychedelic pink 27 December 2010

P. no ID psychedelic pink 28 January 2011

P. no ID psychedelic pink No. 1, 1 March 2011

P. no ID psychedelic pink No.2, 1 March 2011

P. 'Brighton belle' (left) and P. large white (right) 1 March 2011

P. no ID psychedelic pink

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