Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Update on Ansellia africana and Dendrobium delicatum protocorms

I had some contamination in one of my Ansellia africana flasks recently and had to evacuate the seedlings prematurely into a compot of sphagnum moss. I was not sure how well they would take to suddenly being removed from their comfortable flask but two weeks on they are growing nicely and all doing very well. The other flasks are all fine and also growing rather well although they are getting a bit crowded now (see image below). I  might have to split these up in the near future to optimise growth.

Uncontaminated flask of Ansellia africana

Compot of Ansellia africana after flask contamination
The Dendrobium delicatum protocorm flasks were moved to the greenhouse to see how they would fare with the increased light intensity (natural lighting). They exploded into numerous dark green shoots and undifferentiated protocorms multiplied into callous-like tissue. Each one of these calloused protocorms is now shooting multiple shoots from each protuberance (see below centre of the image). These plants obviously appreciated the increase in lighting intensity and I will keep updating the blog on their progress.

Dendrobium delicatum
Yesterday my second flower of Phalaenopsis "Golden wonder" opened and the Doritaenopsis "Blue bird" is just about ready to open its first flower. All the Phallies are doing incredibly well and this might be the combination of a regular fertiliser regime with Nitrosol and the high temperatures (exceeding 32 Degrees Celsius). I will post images of new flowers soon!

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