Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The wait is over!

Doritaenopsis Purple Gem "Blue Bird"
I am so excited! The first blooms of Doritaenopsis Purple Gem "Blue Bird" have opened. I have been waiting to flower this hybrid since I purchased it in July last year. The wait was certainly worth it. The flowers are tiny and probably the same size, if not a bit smaller than those of Phalaenopsis equestis - another species I am on the hunt for. If you are unfamiliar with this species and its flowers click on the name which is linked to an image. The flowers of both are just a little wider in diameter than a 50c piece.

The plan for these flowers is simple. I will attempt a cross pollination with P. Golden wonder once more flowers have opened and matured and depending on the success of fertilisation I will either have a few developing pods to dote over, or I will clone the nodes on the stem (new media prepared just in case last night). So, I am organised and very happy indeed. Do enjoy the image.

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