Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New kid on the Blog!

David has invited me to be a contributor on this very informative and well worth while blog. So an introduction to the followers and guests is in order.

My name is Bradley, I have been mentioned on previous posts on the blog. I reside in Worcester Western Cape where it hardly ever rains. I just recently moved here from living near the coast most of my adult life. It was a big adjustment for me and my family but the orchids took a bit of a knock.

My orchid obsession started about seven years ago. I had been collecting and growing succulents, medicinal and psychotropic plants, when I had got hold of an Oncidium cebolleta. That's what I thought it was!As I did research just to find out exactly how to grow the plant, a whole new world of plants was opening up on the screen in front of me.I was amazed!!
 At that moment I just wanted to know as much about orchids as possible. I soon learnt that there are orchids growing just about every where.

At this time I was living in Betty's Bay and I did not know there would be so many orchids for me to discover. One December I went on an orchid hunting hike in the nearby mountains which was routine now. I was not prepared for what I was about to discover!
I was following a stream up a kloof when I eventually made it to a waterfall, I was catching my breath while looking around to see if I could spot an orchid, as I looked up I saw many red flowers hanging from mossy banks on the face of the waterfall. I had to get up there and see what they where. When I reached a small colony near the bottom I was muddy and soaking wet but that all faded when I realised that these red gems right in front of me where the famous Disa uniflora. I wanted it badly!!

After that I have been orchid crazy!! Those Disas triggered something in my brain. Only recently I decided to specialize in African and Madagascan species mainly Angraecoid orchids with a few exceptions. There will always be exceptions.

And here I am! I hope I can make contributions that are help full and informative to orchid growers every where and look forward to collaborating with David to making an already great blog greater.

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  1. Welcome aboard Bradley! I hope to get the opportunity to join you on an orchid walk some time.

    I look forward to your wisdom!

    Cheery O