Friday, May 6, 2011

Some more flasks

I took some images of some developing flasklings last night, some of which are almost ready to remove to compots. I am particularly impressed with the Polystachya ottoniana seedlings that have done very well from seed and these will be raft-mounted individually when the time comes. The Myrmecophyla tibicinis seedlings are developing slowly but surely. I have two flasks of about 15 seedlings in each and I hope they all do well. My Disa thodei seedlings are still very small and growing slowly. I am considering splitting them up to new flasks of MS1/2 since the BM-1 they are currently growing on is nitrogen deficient which might be partly to blame. This said, I have a flask of several hundred germinating D. bracteata from the seeds I collected and sowed at the end of last year from wild plants growing on the farm. These are also on BM-1 but are growing well. I suppose I will only know once I have transferred the D. thodei to new flasks.

Polystachya ottoniana seedlings
Myrmecophyla tibicinis seedlings
Eulophia speciosa protocorms and seedlings
Stenoglottis fimbriata subsp. fimbriata seedlings
Disa thodei protocorms/seedlings
This morning I received some seeds in the post of Disa caulescens, D. polygonoides, D. thodei and D. uniflora. These I will sow tonight (after the kids are asleep!). It will be my second attempt at D. uniflora and D. thodei and first attempt for D. caulescens and D. polygonoides. Click on the names of these plants to see what the flowers look like.

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