Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some flowering Phals

True to the blog, I have been keeping a close eye on the multitude of particularly Phalaenopsis spikes that are developing in my greenhouse. I have been patiently anticipating the first flowering of P. "Brighton belle" that I had bought more than a year ago from Michael Tibbs but had used two previous spikes for cloning. I actually had not seen what the flower looked like until now. It is a beautiful large pink with dark pink venation. Incidentally, I have two stem prop clones available soon for purchase if anyone is interested...

I have included some photos of some of the flowering Phalaenopsis currently in my greenhouse.
Phalaenopsis Brighton belle
Light pink with spots
Light pink with spots
Harlequin (nice form)
Close-up large white
Red harlequin (art shade)
Red harlequin (art shade)
One of my favourites!
Very large pink
Psychedelic pink
In addition I re-potted some rapidly growing Disa bracteata yesterday because the medium I had them in became too water-logged (sand most likely became compacted). I have placed the majority of them into a shallower tray (large seedling tray) to see how they perform here. The others I have placed into a deeper pot to see how they do. I hope they all flower this year.

Disa bracteata (shallow pot)
Disa bracteata (deep pot)

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