Monday, June 13, 2011

Terrestrials are pushing through

I thought that a post on some more terrestrial orchids that have broken dormancy and growing well this winter,would be a good follow up on Davids post.

We have had more rain than usual here in Worcester and the temps have been a bit warmer for winter. My South African winter growing orchid species have started popping up a little early it seems. I am not complaining! I am a little excited about this years Satyriums that are going to flower as I am planning on making a few crosses. I have seen one or two Satyrium crosses at one or two orchid shows but I think there is plenty of room for hybridizing and cultivation for our local South African orchid species and share the spot light with the more well known Disa species.

Here are some pics of the Satyriums that are growing well. The first is Satyrium erectum the second is Satyrium carneum. I will be crossing these two species and selfing a few as well. Hopefully they will be available from David in the near future.

                                                    Disperis sp.                                                     
Holothrix aspera

This little orchid is already spiking and produces very intricate little flowers. Im hoping to make a Holothrix hybrid one of these days just need a suitable mate.

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