Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just flowered

Good morning!

Just a quickie to add an update on some new blooms. My Phalaenopsis Mini Pink has flowered again after 2 years without any flowers! This plant is a particularly fussy bloomer for some reason but this year there are tonnes of flowers. The first bloom opened this past Friday. The next plant to flower was a No ID Cymbidium that I have been baby-sitting for my wife's grandmother. It too had not flowered in several years but gratefully it produced two pendulous spikes of beautiful small green flowers this year. I have it in mind to get it identified because I have some Eulophia parviflora that are spiking now and I would like to hybridise these two. There are more blooms to come. My Aerangis hyaloides and Angraecum sesquipedale should be flowering very soon, followed by Aerangis modesta and some Oncidium species.

Phalaenopsis Mini Pink

Pendulous mini Cymbidium No ID

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