Sunday, August 21, 2011

August babies

Spring is in the air it seems. The incubator is springing to life with many more new mother flasks of various species germinating at the moment. Some of the Dendrobiums from Thailand have begun to germinate already and older protocorms of Dendrobium sp. (likely ravanii) from Mindoro Island, Phillippines, and Bradley's Mystacidium capense are starting to shoot their first leaves. No doubt I will be posting some more images of more species to germinate in the coming future while in the mean time I await some more seeds from Thailand. My Holcoglossum amesianum clones are progressing nicely but these will take some time yet until they are large enough to mount.

Dendrobium findlayanum germinating

Dendrobium lindleyi germinating

Dendrobium sp. (ravanii) protocorms

Holcoglossum amesianum clones

Mystacidium capense protocorms

Last week I also received some new Phalaenopsis hybrids from Nollie. Two of these (P. Taida Salu KHM101 and P. I-Hsin Picture KH7357 #6) are deep reds. Others include P. Little Gem Stripes, Dtps. Sogo Robert, Dtps. Sogo Passat, Dtps. I-Hsin Golden Peacock, and P. Tsu Chiang Balm (my personal favourite). In addition I also purchased a Holcoglossum wangii and Rhynchostylis gigantea "spots" from him as well. I will post some images of these in future.

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