Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beautiful Dendrobium lindleyi and potting up my Polys

Last month I bought this Dendrobium lindleyi from Duckitt's, mislabelled once again as its synonym D. aggregatum. The plant was just sending out two small spikes when I bought it and these have since flowered with more spikes developing from other pseudobulbs. The flowers are delicate but very beautiful. My D. lindleyi seeds that I received from Thailand have also since germinated and are all doing very well. This species likes a little more light than I am currently giving it but as soon as the cooling system is configured and running properly in the new greenhouse I will move it accross with most of the other stock plants.
Dendrobium lindleyi
D. lindleyi close-up
With the first day of Spring just a day or so away, I have potted up my Polystachya ottoniana seedlings. They have done very well and I have moved some to rafts and the others I have compotted until I have more space to move them to mounts. These seedlings germinated on 22 November last year, so they are approximately 9 months old.
Polystachya ottoniana compot

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