Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New greenhouse project and new blooms

I decided to put the new greenhouse up recently and have been working on it in my spare time. I have run out of space in my original greenhouse which is partly my reason for setting the new one up already. I was going to wait until we had moved to the new farm but my family and I might still be here at the old farm for several months yet as we wait for our home to be built. So, with the help of Bradley we got the frame up and I subsequently put on the polycarbonate panels and have started working on the interior. A major challenge is going to be cooling, especially during Summer. I will be installing a wet-wall down the centre of the entire length of the greenhouse that will be run by a temperature controller. Everything is being made simply and with future moving in mind. Everything either bolts together or is screwed in place for easy removal and reassembly. I am looking forward to having it complete and with plants in it!

New greenhouse
Working on the interior
Some of the Phalaenopsis plants that I received from Nollie with buds have opened some flowers. Some of these will be larger when they flower next season but the colours should be similar or the same. I have included a few images below. I have also included an image of my first flower from my Satyrium odorum that grows here on our farm. It is quite an insignificant looking little beastie but I still find it an interesting curiosity. Next to flower will be my Dendrobium lindleyi, Cyrtorchis chailuana and Aerangis modesta.

Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Picture KH7357 #6
P. Taida Salu KHM101
P. Tzu Chiang Balm (lighter version)

P. I-Hsin Golden peacock

Dtps (Phalaenopsis) Sogo Passat

Satyrium odorum

Cyrtorchis chailuana in spike

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