Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pollination experiment

Hello! I have been busy hybridising in the greenhouse and decided to try some intergeneric cross pollinations. The Eulophia parviflora that I recently got from New Plant Nursery has flowered so I decided to cross it with Ansellia africana and the pendulous green mini Cymbidium that are also in flower now. I could not resist crossing A. africana with the Cymbidium as well! I will be keeping a close eye on these to see if they are accepted. I do hope that they are. I have included a few visualisations of the crosses performed. I have also cross pollinated Polystachya Duckitt Limelight with Doritaenopsis (Phalaenopsis) Purple Gem 'blue bird' and this cross has already produced a swelling pod which is already 2 months old. These two genera (Polystachya and Phalaenopsis) are distant relatives of the same tribe (Vandeae) so I guess it will be rather interesting if the cross is indeed viable.

Recently my Angraecum sacciferum green pod sowing has sprung into life after about a month of incubation. I hope to raise some seedlings for offer in the near future.

I must add here a HUGE thank you to Bradley for all his help dismantling and delivering the greenhouse which I purchased from an elderly gentleman from Worcester. The structure is very large (5m long, 3m wide) and came with all the trimmings and a whole lot of plants - mainly Cattleyas (species and hybrids). The plants need some work though and I have already begun tending to their needs. The greenhouse remains in pieces, awaiting reconstruction and some modifications. It is getting a brand new covering of polycarbonate multiwall which arrives this week. Then it is Duckitt's again this Saturday! I hope I don't bring home too much.

Plants about to flower in the greenhouse include Angraecum sesquipedale, Aerangis modesta, Oncidium (something or other), Satryrium (something or other) and Disa bracteata.

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