Friday, September 16, 2011

Latest images

Phalaenopsis Sogo Robert
I just had to add these latest images to the blog. When I got home last night I found my Phalaenopsis Sogo Robert flowering for the first time. I have been waiting to see what the flower would look like for some time now. It is a stunner!

My Aerangis modesta selfings appear to have been successful. I selfed two flowers and both are swelling nicely. I have also added an image here of my Angraecum sesquipedale pod which is now about a month old and Cyrtorchis chailuana that is just about to flower (any day now).

Aerangis modesta 15 Sept 2011
Angraecum sesquipedale 15 Sept 2011
Cyrtorchis chailuana 15 Sept 2011


  1. Hi, I have been trying to find a contact email for you but must have missed it. The recent influx of phalaenopsis in supermarkets like Woolworths this year had me rescuing as many plants as I could afford. Certain that death was their only alternative I now have a bathroom window sill full of the beauties who flowered for almost 5 months. Do I need to repot them for the next flowering season? They seem to all b sending out new roots. What is the best potting medium and where could I get it? I live in Pietermaritzburg. Do you sell clones of your beautiful white Phal with the enormous flowers? thanks. Kate

  2. Hi Katherine

    I too have done my part in rescuing Phallies that are faced with a bleak future. I find it odd that these plants on offer are often placed under airconditioning so they are already stressed when offered for sale. You will notice that these plants are packed in sphagnum moss. It is this medium that is usually the culprit given that most acquisitions are over-watered by their new and enthusiastic owners to the point that botritis sets in (and quickly so). For me, the best potting medium for Phallies is milled bark chips, the milled bark chips are smaller than the larger chunky bark chips and retain just enough moisture to maintain a healthy root system. Excess water just flows freely through the pot and does not accumulate. The milled bark chips are usually good for 2 years before needing a change. I get mine from Stodels. Phallies dont usually need repotting annually and actually dont like their roots disturbed much. Every 2 years is fine for them but DO replace the moss!

    Currently I dont have any clones of Winter Clouds Mendenhall but you might actually be able to get a mature plant from Outeniqua Orchids in George if Else has any left. You can contact Else on (044)870 8150. She does postal shipments and her plants are usually in excellent condition. If you dont come right though please let me know and when I next get the opportunity to I will make a few clones of my plant.

    Keep well