Monday, October 24, 2011

Orchid Walks

Besides the walk David and I had done near Worcester, I have been to some other locations as well to photograph some orchid species in situ. I had been to Gansbaai a few weeks back and found some good colonies of Satyrium carneum and Bonatea speciosa. Unfortunately the B. speciosa had already flowered and was starting to die back and I did not get any pics.

Satyrium carneum

S. carneum colony on the dunes

S. carneum

I had also been to Klienmond a while back and went to explore a recently burnt area near the Palmiet river. I had found some species but the photos are not that great as my camera lens was a little dirty.

Disa conferta

D. conferta close up.

Holothrix sp.

Disa bracteata
Satyrium sp.
Satyrium parviflorum
Disa atrorubens
D. atrorubens var. unknown
This past weekend David and I went for a walk in the local mountains here in Worcester and got some good photographs of orchid species.

Ceratandra sp.

I first thought this was Ceratandra bicolor. I have not been able to identify this species.

Ceratandra colonies.
Colony close up.

Pterygodium acutifolium
P. acutifolium close up.
Satyrium bracteatum

We had seen many other species that where not in flower yet. Hopefully I will be able to get up there and take some pics of them in a few weeks.

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