Friday, December 21, 2012

A few odds and ends

Today I have included a few odd bits of interest. The first is a crossing I did using Gomesa flexuosa (syn. Oncidium flexuosum) and Oncidium sphacelatum. I crossed the two species because I wanted to see if the hybrid would be more cold tolerant but with more flowers. The seedlings are growing like mad! The hybrid is registered with the RHS as Oncidesa goldiana. I hope to flower it in the next few years.
Oncidium sphacelatum
Gomesa flexuosa
Oncidesa goldiana
The next is a photo I just took of the Euliophia speciosa seedlings I kept from the first batch of seeds I did in 2010. They are doing well and getting quite large now. Their pseudobulbs are underground, fat and healthy. The foliage is rigid and thick. The seedlings definitely benefit from a shallower tray with sandy substrate. They also enjoy heavy waterings between short periods of drying off.
Eulophia speciosa
The last photo was taken by Richard King of one of my flasks of Dendrobium harveyanum which contains a seedling that had flowered in vitro! This is not unheard of but it is not a common occurance.
Dendrobium harveyanum (photo by Richard King)

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