Saturday, February 9, 2013

In the greenhouse today

Although I don't have very much in flower at the moment in the greenhouse there does seem to be a sudden development of new roots and shoots recently. I also purchased a few new plants from Plantae and Van Rooyen's Orchids, including Schoenorchis fragrans which I have wanted for my collection for some time now, and Jumellea anjouanensis, a species from the Comoros Islands.
Schoenorchis fragrans
My Cynorkis fastigiata seedlings which I raised from seed have developed their mature foliage now and have grown significantly since the beginning of the year. I am hoping that they produce their first flowers this year. At the rate which they are growing it wouldn't surprise me.
Cynorkis fastigiata
Amongst the thick foliage of my Maxillaria tenuifolia there are several flowers opening at the moment. In the morning the scent of the flowers is strongest. Some say the flowers smell of coconuts. In a rather abstract way I would say yes but they have a rather unique subtle smell about them which is rather hard to describe. In addition, Stenoglottis woodii is flowering nicely at the moment.
Maxillaria tenuifolia
Stenoglottis woodii
Stenoglottis woodii


  1. Hi David! I´m receiving Cynorkis seeds this week and it be very useful if you post how germinate them. Did you do it in vitro? what kind of media? conditions light, darkness, need of cold treatment?
    Thanks you

  2. Hi Cesar

    My apologies for the late response. What species are you getting? I have done both C. fastigiata and C. purpurata in vitro using half-strength MS media with 30g sucrose and 2g carbon added per litre. Once large enough to re-plate, they do well on media substituted with 100g/L green banana (with skin on). The seeds germinate in the light. C. fastigiata is a vigorous grower but C. purpurata is rather picky and much slower-growing. My C. fastigiata seedlings that I did are now producing their fisrt flowers already!