Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stanhopea oculata flowering and some early terrestrials

I have been diligently photographing the daily progress of my Stanhopea oculata that hangs outside my front door. Each day I have been getting closer to seeing the flowers open and today they did! It is interesting to note the differences in the development of the buds as they mature. According to the IOSPE website, this species is found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela and Southern Brazil. It is an epiphyte or a terrestrial orchid and can be grown in cooler conditions but it does prefer good humidity. I am going to attempt to set a pod on my plant to see how it develops which I will also document. If I am successful and I get some seeds from it I will also attempt to raise some from seed. I have included some images taken of the developing buds 3 days, 2 days and 1 day before flowering.
I recently glanced over my pots of what I thought were still dormant terrestrials and I was surprised to see that many of them have actually broken dormancy already and some are already pushing out shoots. Most of my Satyrium species and Corycium orobanchoides are active now but in contrast my Eulophias are entering their stage of dormancy now so I am keeping them dry (Summer rainfall species). I have just re-potted my Eulophia parviflora which made several large tubers in the past year but did not flower. I think we may be in for an early winter if these plants are anything to go by. I have begun feeding the active terrestrials with high magnesium to boost their developing foliage. I want to keep them smart-looking to show later in the year when they are all in bloom (hopefully).
Satyrium carneum waking up
S. coriifolium just breaking through
Corycium orobanchoides

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