Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An interesting intergeneric hybrid and a stunning Dendrobium

I have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to photograph the little protocorms of a sucessful germination of the intergeneric hybrid I have created between Eulophia streptopetala X Ansellia africana. The reason the cross was successful was because both parents are representative of the tribe Cymbidieae. Some growers incorrectly consider the genus Eulophia as part of the Cymbidium alliance, but it is not. Ansellia africana is part of this alliance but the genus Eulophia represents the Eulophia alliance. The RHS has the intergeneric nothogenus between these two genera registered as Eusellia. There is currently only a single Eusellia represenative. Eulophia streptopetala X Ansellia africana is currently unregistered. I guess I will have to wait to see what sort of flower variation I get from these plants as they mature. I am sure there will be quite some variation between seedlings.
Eulophia streptopetala X Ansellia africana
On hybrids I have included below an image of my flowering Dendrobium hybrid simply known as "F B153" which appears to contain possibly Dendrobium tetragonum with some Dendrobium kingianum? This hybrid is very floriferous. The only negative point I would have is that the flowers tend to hang down.
Dendrobium hybrid "F B153"
The Epidendrum radicans protocorms are starting to differentiate now and soon I will need to move them on to replate. In the pipeline I have some other very interesting species including Bulbophyllum spathulatum, Acampe papillosa and A. ochracea. I will report on these as they develop.

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