Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lead me not into temptation... unless you are paying

Given the fact that my growing conditions have not been up to scratch this winter you would think that the last thing I should be doing was adding any plants... I tried very hard to resist recently but after a few days of saying "no thanks" I succumbed to the temptation of some stunning Phalaenopsis species recently put on offer by Plantae. I actually feel rather guilty. But anyway, I now have to make a plan to ensure that my new plants are given the correct growing conditions. I purchased the following species:
P. amabilis (the REAL one, not P. aphrodite with a wrong label) - some SA orchid judges and well known personalities still can't get this one right! (my rant for the day).
P. cornu-cervi f. chattalandae
P. tetraspis"C1" (which is actually a synonym of P. speciosa var. Christiana
Nollie from Plantae kindly added a specimen of the primary hybrid P. Anna-Larati Soekardi (P. pulcherrima X P. parishii). This particular specimen has a particularly dark purple lip which I think contrasts well with the rest of the flower.
I cannot explain how I did not manage to resist the temptation to buy these new plants. I simply could not. Orchid cultivation and collection is a disease and one without a cure. Maybe it's more of an addiction. I feel satisfied each time I get a new plant, it's like a temporary fix. I am doomed to keep orchids forever!
Phalaenopsis amabilis
Phalaenopsis Anna-Larati Soekardi
Phalaenopsis bellina
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi f. chattaladae
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi f. chattaladae
Phalaenopsis lobbii
Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana
Phalaenopsis stuartiana
Phalaenopsis violacea coerulea


  1. Those Plantae lists are deadly! The only thing that stops me succumbing is my better half has banned all (monetary) plant acquisition activities...
    And when one or other of the Plantae people visits my LOS, it's nearly impossible to resist the hand-delivery. Actually going to their farm near Brits would just be *dangerous*. Probably worse than my experience with the Exotic Plant Company in Franschoek!

    1. Hi James.

      My missus was not impressed! I got into trouble for this one... I am glad I live far away from Brits. I had the same problem when Else Hall was still running Stellenkloof Orchids in Stellenbosch. I could (and did) spend hours in her greenhouses and never left without taking something home with me. I still have my very first plant I purchased from her - a Gomesa (Oncidium) flexuosum. Since then I have used this plant to cross with O. sphacelatum to create the hybrid known as Oncidesa goldiana. These seedlings are large now and growing on a large mount I have. It is nice to see the progression.

      Cheers, David