Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some more blooms

With a slight warming in temperatures over the last week I finally have some more blooms open and to photograph. My Satyrium odorum has grown into a massive monster! It obviously likes the fertiliser I have been giving it. This year's Dendrobium nobile flowering has been rather disappointing. Much less blooms than last year! I attribute this to the poor light conditions we experienced this past winter. Still, the flowers it did produce are attractive and pleasing. My Dendrobium kingianum plants are just starting to open their first flowers now but D. delicatum is not much to speak of this year. The Corycium orobanchoides produced some flowers although short-lived. Quite an odd little chap with an odd smell to match. Recently I saw a little colony of these on someone's lawn I drove past here in Hermanus. My faithful Cymbidium is in full flower and always pleasing to the eye.
Corycium orobanchoides
Cymbidium no-ID
Dendrobium kingianum
Dendrobium nobile
Satyrium odorum

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