Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sobralia macrantha? first flowering, Phal cornu cervi STILL flowering!

My Sobralia macrantha? flowered recently for the first time. I had nearly forgotten about this plant always sitting in the background never seeming to do much. This year however it seems to have finally settled into its environment. Apart from the many flowers now it is also sending out many new shoots. The only odd thing is that my plant produces two flowers on each terminal inflorescence. The species article on IOSPE suggests that this species only carries a single bloom on each terminal inflorescence. So, my identification might then be incorrect, or this plant may be a hybrid. The problem is that it never came with a label so I have always been waiting for it to flower to have it identified. Any comments are appreciated.
Sobralia macrantha? just starting to open

Sobralia macrantha? 30 minutes later

Sobralia macrantha? open

Sobralia macrantha? flower no.2
My Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var. chataladae is still in bloom! It has had flowers since June this year - that is 6 months already! It is now also sending out more buds from the same inflorescence as well as an additional spike from the side of he plant! I wish all my plants were as happy as this little one.
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var. chataladae still in bloom

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