Friday, June 13, 2014

Trichoglottis rosea first flowering

Trichoglottis rosea is a species from the Philippines and Taiwan according to the IOSPE website. It is a warm growing epiphyte that grows on tree trunks. My plant has done particularly well on a mount with its longest aerial roots allowed to rest with their tips in a suspended tub of water mixed with a weak solution of fertiliser. This way the plant avoids losing too much moisture. These root tips have also responded by producing additional new side shoots growing directly into the fertiliser solution.
The flowers took a while to form and started off as little nodes protruding from the stem opposite a leaf. The first flowers opened recently and are small and delicate and closely borne to the stem in tight bunches. The flowers usually have light yellow barring on the petals but my plant's flowers are pure white with a pink lip. This is the first Trichoglottis species I have flowered. I managed to kill my Trichoglottis philippinensis and looking back I believe that this was due to incorrect potting and not enough water. I will try this one again when I get the opportunity.

Trichoglottis rosea close-up

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