Sunday, June 17, 2018

Rhynchostylis gigantea alba flowering again

First flower opened today 17 June 2018, roughly a month earlier than previously. Note the yellow stippling
I have been waiting to see this old faithful again. This year it has produced about 85 blooms on two robust opposing spikes. The plant has flowered about a month earlier this year than previously, and was well fed from spike initiation through to flowering using "Garden basics plant food liquid fertiliser", which has a N:P ratio of 49:1; 4.9% N, 0.1% P, 2.4% K... makes you wonder what else is in it. It is easy to use and smells really rich, so I use it at about 2 ml per litre. The plants seem to enjoy this one - some recently mounted Myrmecophyla tibicinnis were given this fertiliser for the last few weeks, and they are all very quickly shooting new roots (see below), which is s really good sign. This species is usually quite reluctant to do anything for a while after being disturbed.

Myrmecophyla tibicinnis new root shoots
More on the mounting of the Myrmecophyla tibicinnis plant to come!

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