Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Duckitt's 7 May Open Day

I was up early this past Saturday to get to Duckitt's just before they opened so I could get some good plants. When I got there I had to wait in the queue of cars making their way into the entrance! It looked like I was not the only one with that idea. Bradley was smart though. He got there way before me and the rest of us and it was good to catch up with him again.

I forgot the bloody camera at home in my mad rush but most of the plants on offer were the usual bread-and-butter stuff, with the odd gems between them. I missed out on a lovely Polystachya of which there were only a few on the table, but I did get some other Polystachyas including P. Duckitt limelight, P. titan and two other hybrids whose names escape me now. Polystachya Duckitt limelight is relatively new primary hybrid registered in 2009, between P. vulcanica X P. galeata. I also found a nice looking Coelogyne massangeana hidden between some Cattleyas and promptly put it in my basket. Bradley also pointed out some small Rossioglossum grande plants on the table and I bought one of these. I have always wanted one of these and when I got home I re-potted it in bark chips and hope that it grows well.

Polystachya Duckitt limelight at home

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