Saturday, October 27, 2012

Satyrium coriifolium: Houwhoek mountains

Close-up shot of an individual flower of Satyrium coriifolium
Finally we had some out-doorsy weather here in the overberg so I went for a walk into the Houwhoek mountains to see what orchids were flowering. at approximately 357m above sea-level I came accross a huge colony of Satyrium coriifolium standing like flames amongst the other vynbos. Most of them seemed to be growing along the path of a wide seep which went on and on forever. Although many of the plants were in flower there were countless numbers of younger plants that were not yet mature enough to flower. I will return to this spot in years to come to see how they flower! Anyway, here are some pics.
S. coriifolium
The same plant
Large colony
Lots of immature plants around

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