Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disa time

We finally moved from our house we were renting in Voelklip in Hermanus to our own home in Vermont recently. The move was very stressful not only on the family but the plants as well. Patrick was very kind to babysit some of my more delicate species for me until I could organise the new growing area.
Today Patrick and I went just down the road to view the local population of the endangered and very rare Disa hallackii in flower. The plants are large and magnificent and it was good to get a couple of photos in before the sun went down. On the subject of Disas my Disa tripetaloides is currently in bloom for the first time and I am looking forward to setting a pod or two.
In posts to come I will report in more detail on the progress of my plants after the move.

Disa hallackii and habitat

Disa hallackii 

Disa hallackii and habitat

Disa hallackii big specimen

Patrick photographing Disa hallackii

Disa tripetaloides

Disa tripetaloides close-up