Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A visit to Duckitt Orchid Nurseries - Open Day

On Saturday 5 July Duckitt Orchid Nurseries in Darling had their open day. I was heading through to that part of the world so I made a turn early in the morning and got there just before opening time. The weather was terrible and the rain and hail were coming down intermittently. Temperatures were hovering around 7 Degree Celsius. I had packed some protocorms in a cooler box to keep them warm for a friend I was meeting at the open day and I was also looking forward to seeing the variety of flowering plants on offer. I was hoping to find some pendulous mini Cymbidiums but there were none so I drifted on towards the mass of other plants on sale. Previous open days had been a bit of a disappointment for me but this time I thought it was a good one.
I found a delightful little Polystachya panniculata in good condition which I popped immediately into my basket. I also selected two healthy flowering size Aeranthes arachnites to try at home. I also picked up two good looking Podangis dactyloceras, a Pleurothallis tribuloides and an Angraecum rutenbergianum. I was very happy to find a Brassocattleya Maikai Mayumi which I haven't seen in ages! I had one of these that flowered profusely for me some years ago but I left it at an ex-girlfriend's place after a not-so-pretty break-up... so I never did get the chance to recover it. I was happy with this one though and I also grabbed a pure white Laelia anceps (I just can't seem to resist Laelia anceps, even though I already have a couple - I love these too much and want more!). There were a few Trichoglottis philippinensis on offer that were in poor condition but I selected the largest one to try this species again as I mentioned in the post about my Trichoglottis rosea earlier. I am going to suspend its roots in water as I have done for the latter species and see how it goes. I also thought I had picked up a rather nice looking Vanda (Ascocenda) ampullaceum but it turned out to be a hybrid of this with Ascocentrum (Vanda) Peggy-Fu which I already have. I love these vandas though so I am not disappointed. I also have two Vanda ampullaceum specimens...

I have included a few photos here below in no particular order to give you an idea of the lovely plants on offer. I didn't fish around the labels for names I didn't know because I was shopping at the same time, so my apologies for this.

Inside the selling area

Laelia anceps

White Laelia anceps I bought

Lots of Cymbidiums

A nice collection of Cymbidium insigne

Lovely large green Cymbidium

Cymbidium hybrid with C. tracyanum as a parent!

Just gorgeous!

My camera can't handle the orange colour of this lovely bloom

Another stunner!

The Cymbidium greenhouse open for visiting on the day


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